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The 17th Annual

Saturday, September 30th, 2017 presented by Indiana All Star Running Club. We are a not-for-profit organization founded in 2000 by area cross country coaches and running enthusiasts. Our mission is to provide a rewarding championship event for middle school runners, to introduce them to running in a large event prior to high school, to promote sportsmanship, and to encourage the habit of daily running for a lifetime. We believe that running instills discipline, focus, and principles of hard work which inspire people to be the best that they can be in every area of their students, athletes, friends, family members, and citizens.

Coaches: Please review our event Rules, Eligibility, and School Size information section each season! Changes are sometimes made in response to issues that arise as this event develops and grows. Thank you!


Results for 2016 races can be found at:

Congratulations to all of those who competed last year!

Major Event Sponsors

Methodist Sports Medicine

Methodist Sports Medicine has sponsored our event for the last 13 years.Thanks to this wonderful healthcare provider for providing Certified Athletic Trainers for our event every year!

"For active lifestyle or acute injury care, Methodist Sports Medicine offers a walk-in clinic, open Monday thru Saturday, 8 AM - 10 AM at its Carmel location. For more information, visit"

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June 25 - 29, 2018

Boys & Girls Middle School - High School
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Anderson University
Anderson, Indiana

The Premier Distance Camp in the Midwest

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General Meet Information


Open to all Middle School runners/teams who meet the qualifying standard. These time standards are set such that any young middle school runner can achieve them with an honest effort in their training and preparation...regardless of talent level. They are intended to be used as goals and are set intentionally to include everyone, rather than exclude anyone!


The largest Middle School CC Meet in America! Four Varsity races contested as Big School and Small School divisions, and two Junior Varsity races.


Northview Church - Carmel Campus: 5535 E 131st Street, Carmel, Indiana (corner of 131st Street and Hazel Dell Pkwy)


Saturday, September 30th, 2017


To bring the best Hoosier MS runners and teams together, to acclimate these runners to a large championship race, and to recognize the efforts of remarkable coaches!

Team Rules, Participant Eligibility, and School Size Information

Varsity Qualifying Time Standards

These are time standards which we believe any young middle school runner can achieve with an honest effort in their training and preparation...regardless of talent level. They are to be considered a guideline, not a hard and fast rule, for coaches to follow:


Small School Girls - 14:30
Small School Boys - 13:30
Big School Girls - 13:30
Big School Boys - 12:30

Team (top 5 add-up times)

Small School Girls - 72:30
Small School Boys - 67:30
Big School Girls - 67:30
Big School Boys - 62:30

Protest Policy

Due to concerns voiced in past years, we have instituted a Protest Policy for any coach who feels compelled to challenge a school's size division entry. Any challenge must be presented in the following manner:

Registration Procedure/Entry Deadline

All registration for this event is conducted online at:

click here to register online at Get Me Registered
Payments are made by credit card.

Note: Please contact for all registration process issues or call the staff at GetMeRegistered at 317-846-0078, ext 611.


**All entries must be completed online by 9:00 a.m., Wednesday, September 27th, 2017 in order for athlete names to appear on event merchandise. Late entries will be accepted online until 9:00 a.m., Friday, September 29th, 2017 and will incur a $5 late fee/runner. No race day registrations or entries made by mail or phone will be accepted.

Search to confirm your registrants! Click HERE!

Entry Fees

All MS Races - $15.00 / runner (Until 9:00 a.m., Wednesday, 9/27/17)

$20.00 / runner (Late Registration accepted until 9:00 a.m., Friday, 9/29/17)

Note: ALL team and indiviudal registrations MUST be done online!

Race Day Schedule

Check-In/Packet Pick-up
9:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

Course closes to walks/Opening Ceremony
11:15 a.m.

JV Girls/Boys
11:30/11:55 a.m.

Small School Varsity Girls
12:20 p.m.

Big School Varsity Girls
12:45 p.m.

Small School Varsity Boys
1:10 p.m.

Big School Varsity Boys
1:35 p.m.

Awards Ceremony
2:15-3:15 p.m.


JV Individuals (Medals)
Top 25 Girls / Top 25 Boys

Varsity All-State Individuals (Medals)
Top 25 Girls / Top 25 Boys

Varsity Teams (Trophies)
Top 5 Girls / Top 5 Boys

All Awards -medals, trophies, and ribbons - created by A-1 Awards, 2500 N. Ritter, Indianapolis.

Course Map/Timing/Finish Line

All middle school races are 3000 meters. Races are chip-timed (all chips start with gun), and finish line services are provided by Mike Ducy and Group 262/Outreach on the Run.

Click here for a 3K course map.

Travel Directions

Click on the link below, toggle down to the bottom of the page, and click on the Google Map link.

Travel Directions


All buses must use Entrance #3 which is accessed directly from Hazel Dell Parkway. Parking entrances/parking areas are designated on the course maps.

Click here for a 3K course map (which shows parking).

Race Results

On-line and available within minutes of the meet concluding at Results will also be posted near the packet pick-up and event merchandise areas. Officials credentialed by the Indiana High School Athletic Association officiate all races and they, along with meet officials from Indiana All Star Running Club, finalize all results.

Souvenirs/Soft Goods/Photos

Official event t-shirts, etc. on sale race day and provided by T & T Sales and Promotions. Cash or checks accepted only. Professional race photos (available on-line at taken by local professional sports photographers, Action Photos Indy.


Available for purchase courtesy of Northview Church volunteers.

Medical Support

Once again, this will be provided by Methodist Sports Medicine Center. Athletic trainers will be on-site near the finish line for any meet participants who need medical attention. For more information about Methodist Sports Medicine, please click on the logo below.

Methodist Sports Medicine

Event Sanctioning

This event is sanctioned by and insured by USA Track & Field.

USATF Sanctioned Event

*Full Protest Policy: Following the submission of the challenge, one of the aforementioned club representatives will phone or approach the challenged coach and ask him/her to verify their submitted 7th and 8th grade combined enrollment numbers during the stipulated timeframe. If the coach indicates their enrollment to be 425 or less within the aforementioned timeframe, we will take his/her word and request the principal to send us a letter verifying the enrollment as having met our qualifications. If time allows, this will be required prior to meet day.

We will not change awards once they have been awarded (due to an enrollment challenge), but if verified prior to the awards ceremony,we will disqualify any school that competes in the incorrect race. If Indiana All Star Running Club does not receive the requested letter from the challenged school's principal confirming "small school" status within 30 days of the meet, we will request the school submit a letter from their school principal confirming small school status prior to allowing registration for future meets.

Indiana Middle School State Cross Country Championships

Northview Course Records

Girl's All-Time Course Records (Sub-11 Minutes)

(*) Denotes Adjusted Time for Short Course

Year Name School Grade Time School Division
2015 Zoe Duffus Maple Creek Middle School 7 10:36.1 Big
2012 Maddie Dalton Carmel Middle School 7 10:40.5 Big
2012 Allie Dalton Greenwood Middle School 8 10:43.5 Big
2015 Olivia Morlok Northside Middle School 8 10:44.8 Big
2009 Rachel Nichwitz Hamilton Southeastern 7 10:47.0 Big
2012 Taylor Crowe Noblesville East Middle School 8 10:47.7 Big
2015 Kayleigh Witt Fishers Junior High 8 10:50.5 Big
2015 Katie Walther 8 10:51.7 Big
2015 Shelby Christman Maple Creek Middle School 7 10:52.6 Small
2010 Rachel Nichwitz Hamilton Southeastern 8 10:53.0 Big
2012 Sabrina Bippus Hamilton Southeastern 8 10:54.1 Big
2013 Emma Wilson Greencastle Middle School 7 10:55.6 Small
2016 Shelby Christman Maple Creek Middle School 8 10:56.3 (*) Big
2015 Katelyn Wasson Zionsville Middle School 8 10:59.8 Big

Boy's All-Time Course Records (Sub-10 Minutes)

(*) Denotes Adjusted Time for Short Course

Year Name School Grade Time School Division
2008 Jonathan Reynolds North Harrison Middle School 8 9:31.9 Small
2015 Bryce Dunn Christian Academy of Indiana 8 9:36.9 Small
2011 Cooper Williams West Lafayette 8 9:39.9 Small
2011 Ben Veatch Carmel Middle School 8 9:40.5 Big
2015 Robert Pratt Zionsville Middle School 8 9:45.1 Big
2015 Ben Myers Carmel Middle School 8 9:46.1 Big
2015 Reece Gibson Norwell Middle School 8 9:46.9 Small
2012 Aaron Bennett Westfield Middle School 8 9:48.1 Big
2016 Spencer Carpenter Westview Middle School 8 9:48.9 (*) Big
2016 Jackson Carlile St. Simon The Apostle 8 9:51.2 (*) Small
2009 David Dalton Greenwood Middle School 8 9:52.4 Big
2016 Eads Fouche TrojanXC16 8 9:53.6 (*) Big
2016 Hudson Alden Helados XC 8 9:54.4 (*) Big
2012 Austin Boucher Norwell Middle School 8 9:55.0 Small
2009 Chad Shank Creekside Middle School 8 9:55.1 Big
2015 Luke Combs 8 9:55.1 Big
2016 Remington Carpenter Westview Middle School 8 9:55.5 (*) Big
2009 Josh Neideck Eastbrook 8 9:57.8 Small
2011 Jarit Perkins Barr-Reeve 8 9:57.9 Small
2015 Preston Coots 8 9:57.9 Big
2012 Ben Wagoner Hamilton Southeastern 8 9:58.4 Big
2008 Conner Sorrells Barr-Reeve 8 9:58.7 Small
2016 Dylan Bland 8 9:59.8 (*) Small

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Indiana All Star Running Club - Contact Information

Matt Wire - Co-Director
Kelly Wire - Co-Director

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